Nia is the rich girl, the one everyone hated, but secretly wished they could be.
Shawn hustled for everything he needed, with no time for the bullshit, until he stumbles across Nia.

Nia and Shawn are complete opposites, but opposites attract, right?

9. Royalty


I walked into the room and the first thing I spotted was Shannen sitting on a pile of pillows. Shawn was so fucking simple for leaving her like this. I walked over to her and planted a sloppy kiss on her forehead. She squealed and slammed her hands onto my cheeks.

"Ow! You just slapped the shit out of me on my birthday, babe." She smiled and put her open mouth on my nose. "This is not the business princess." I pulled away from her and wiped my nose. "Let’s go get you cleaned and dressed so I can dress myself too." I picked her up and walked out the room. After giving her a bath I was left searching through her bag for something to put her in. I quickly changed her and went back to the room. I put Shannen in her rocker then went to lay out Shawn’s outfit and pulled out my own. I wanted everyone to be simple, but amazing. I was tying up my shoes as soon as Shawn’s ass decided to come out of the bathroom. He looked down at the outfit I set out for him and smirked.

"Thanks babe."

"Oh, I’m babe now. I must of had some good ass-" I cut myself off, turning to smile wide a Shannen. She giggled, clapping her hands together. "You missed your daughter slapping me. Talk about a pinch to grow an inch. Anyways, get dressed Mr. Franklin, while I go check on the status of the couple in the house." I swooped up Shannen and made my way out the room and into the living room. Rashad and Jayla were eating and watching Maury. I sat next to Rashad and looked over into the bowl they had. Ritz and a home made dip, it looked deelish.

"Damn Nia, back up out our food."

"I want some, it’s my birthday." Rashad did a dramatic ass sigh, getting a laugh out of Shannen. I smirked and took one of the ritz, dipping it into the dip. I held it up and looked at Shannen. "You want to try it? You can’t bite it though." She stuck out her tongue, an immediate smile appearing on my face at the sight. I ran the cracker over her tongue and watched her facial expression to see if she liked it or not. She kept sticking her tongue in and out, as if she was trying to process the taste. I smirked and popped the cracker into my mouth. Shannen giggled and reached out to grab my bottom lip.

"Ew! Look what she just did Jay! Nasty ass Nia, that’s what I’m calling you now."

"What her ass in here doing?" I looked up at Shawn and shot him a wink.

"Sharing food with Shannen, like it’s the thing to do."

"It is the thing to do. Don’t be putting my princess on the outs. Tell em we good over here Shannen." I said, making crazy faces at her. She smiled, putting her hand on my nose. "You ready to go to the zoo, so we can see all the pretty animals and the fishies, and go buy tons of things from the gift shop because we can?" I asked her, my voice getting higher and higher. She squealed and clapped her hands together.

"Look at how much fun they have without me. Just canceled me out the picture." I stood up, walking over to Shawn I leaned up and planted a huge kiss on his lips.

"Now, off to the bat mobile!" I yelled out. I was very excited for today. I don’t even know why, my birthday was never something to be excited about. It was always just a day for bitches to kiss my ass, which happens everyday. Shawn took Shannen out of my arms, grabbing her stroller on our way out to the garage. I opened the door, cutting on the lights I screamed at what I saw. Sitting in my driveway were two Bentley’s. One in red and one in black. I clapped my hands together and ran over to the red one. I opened the door, pressing the button for the trunk, I made my way to the back to see what surprises were in there. It was full of the usual, shoes, bags, etc.

"Damn Nia, how old your rich ass turning?"

"I just turned eighteen. I feel so much older than that though."

"Girl you act much older than that. Now, you’re driving the red and I’m going to drive the black?" Jayla said, eying Rashad closely. I smirked and threw her a wink.

"Keys are in the glove darling." I closed my trunk back and made my way to the passenger seat. Shawn had already made his ass comfortable in the driver’s seat.


"Shawn, you seen my map?" I threw that shit away. I wasn’t going to tell her that though.

"I sat it on the stroller, but it probably fell off. You depend to much on that map. You’re losing the sight of the actual fun. It’s okay to get lost sometimes, let’s you experience some shit."

"Well how am I going to find the tigers?" She looked around confused, a frown gracing her face. I smirked and pressed a kiss to her cheek.

"Stop frowning. We are going to find them damn tigers. Shad, help Nia find your cousins."

"Your ole monkey ass. Go tie your daughter’s shoes nigga. She can’t even walk and her shoes are untied. Damn shame." I looked into the stroller and smiled. Shannen didn’t have a care in the world. I pulled Nia’s camera out my pocket and snapped a picture of her. I slipped the camera back into my pocket and reached in to take the shoe string out of her hand.

"She don’t need her shoes tied nigga. Like you said, she ain’t walking no where."

"She’s making one of your faces, love." I looked over at Nia to see her attempting to make the face.

"You can’t do us. This is a father daughter thing." Shannen looked up at me, a huge smile growing on her face. I leaned into the stroller, giving her a kiss. She squealed, reaching out for me. I know this stroller had to be irritating her. My baby wanted to see the animals too. I unstrapped her and picked her up.

"Shawn, look! We have to go that way." Nia yelled excitedly, pointing towards one of the signs. I moved Shannen up to my neck, getting her riled up even more, and followed after Nia. She was determined to find these damn tigers.

"Come take a walk with me." The night life theme had kicked in a little while ago at the zoo, and I figured now would be the perfect time to pull Nia aside and give her the gift I got for her. With all the money I had been saving up by staying with her, I was able to actually cash out for her shit. Shannen was asleep so I handed the stroller off to Jayla and circled my arm around Nia’s shoulder, her arm going around my waist.

"Where are we walking too, this place gets scary at night."

"What? Your ass was so hyped up earlier. Now that the sun went down you scared?"

"Not completely. You’re here."

"Always. I’m never leaving you. You might as well just get used to me."

"I’m already used to you, isn’t that obvious? Besides, you can’t leave. I think I’ve made that pretty clear also. My feelings for you are deep."

"How deep?"

"About as deep as you were in me this morning." A huge grin grew on my face as I pulled her in closer to me.

"Nia, watch your mouth." She looked up at me with one of the biggest smiles on her face. Now that was what I liked to see from her.

"I forgot you had a problem with my wonderfully talented mouth." I stopped walking and pulled her in front of me, the same smile still present on her face. I snaked both of my arms around her waist and pulled her into a kiss. Her arms went around my neck, deepening it. My feelings for her were obvious. The only problem was me admitting them to myself. It was too soon to say that I loved her, though that’s how I felt about her. I pulled out of the kiss and looked down at her, taking the opportunity to study her features while her eyes were still closed.

"My feelings for you are deeper than they should be, but I like where we’re headed. I could be wrong, your feelings may not be the same as mines, but I’m confident in mines." She said while keeping her eyes closed. I kissed her forehead and let go of her. Her eyes sprung open and the smile was back. "We back to walking?"

"Yup. Waiting for the perfect beat."

"Every beat is perfect when it comes to me." I led us over to a bench and sat down, pulling her onto my lap. "How romantic, right in front of the elephants." She said sarcastically. Her and that mouth.

"Shut up. Here, take this." I pulled the small box out of my pocket and tossed it into her hand.

"What is this?"

"Open it and see." She slowly opened the box, a loud gasp escaping her mouth as she gaped at the ring.

"Where did you get this, when did you get this?"

"Don’t worry about all of that."

"How much did this cost?"

"Money. Put it on. It’s a promise to me."

"To you? What exactly am I promising you?" I smirked as I watched her slip the ring onto her ring finger. I laid my right hand flat on her stomach, letting my other hand find it’s way to her thigh.

"Whenever the time comes for you to be wifed-"

"Hold on, I don’t like the sound of that. You treat me like I’m yours, so what’s the hold up with you actually making me yours?" I looked down at her, a look of uncertainty and confusion played on her face.

"You want to be mines?"

"No, I just want to occasionally throw my vaginal at you, sleep next you every night, buy your clothes, cook you food, help you with your daughter. You know, basic shit. Nothing deserving of wife material apparently." I smirked and placed a light kiss on the back of her neck. "Don’t kiss on me if I’m not yours. That shit ain’t cute."

"Stop all that. You fucking up the mood, look at the damn elephants and put a smile on your face." A smile grew on her face as she quickly looked away from me. I grabbed her chin, turning her back to me I pulled her into a kiss. She kissed me back, like always. My biggest concern was moving too fast and scaring her off, well scaring us both off. She pulled out of the kiss and reached up to take my hat off.

"It’s not as hard as you think. It’s actually very enjoyable being in a relationship with me." I raised my eyebrow. Watching her closely as she adjusted my snapback and placed it backwards onto her head.

"Who told you this?"

"My exes. Plus it’s something I know, it’s a fact." She absentmindedly responded to me as she shoved her hand into the pocket of my jeans. I quickly reached over and wrapped my hand around her wrist, stopping her from grabbing the camera.

"How many relationships have you been in?"

"Five, two of which involved sex, if that’s what you’re wondering. Now let me get the camera."

"No. No taking pictures right now. We’re talking."

"Fine. How many relationships have you been in?"


"Do you want to be in a relationship with me? Don’t feel peer pressured."

"Nigga what peers?" She smirked and quickly adjusted her body to where she was now straddling me. "Aye, it’s kids and shit around here." I kept my voice low and strong, letting her know I was serious. Knowing her ass, she wasn’t going to care.

"I don’t give a fuck. I’m royalty." I wrapped my arms around her and stood up, her legs quickly wrapping around my back. "Where are we going now, I actually was enjoying the nice view of the elephants."

"We’re done for the night." I wanted to dead the conversation about relationships. We could worry about that shit later on down the line. Right now we were cool with having no titles, and I wanted it to stay that way for as long as possible.

"Can we stop by the gift shop again." I nodded in response. She laid her head on my shoulder and started tracing invisible shapes onto my neck. "No one has ever bought me a ring before."


"Yup. I’ve been proposed to a few times before, but that’s not the same."

"Yeah, marriage is nothing compared to a promise ring."

"Shut up."

"Guess what I got for you when we get back to the house."

"Some dick?" I shook my head, waiting for her laughing to die down. "Okay, I’m calm now. What do you have for me."

"Cake and shit."

"Does it have strawberries or bananas in it?"


"Awh shit. See, this is why I love you." Love? We weren’t ready to be exchanging those words. Maybe she was just joking. Either way I needed to change the subject before shit got awkward. I looked around for something to distract her with.

"Say bye to the tigers." Her head popped up, her attention now on the tigers. Good.

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